a Firefox extension creating semantic links



a Firefox extension creating semantic links

a semantic navigation project

Improve the Web navigation

using Semantic Web and Rules


Google YouTube Freebase
Internet Movie Database Wikipedia and many more



the story...

Mary is searching for entertainment: she navigates the web looking for a screencast movie. While she already researched a lot, still has to choose from the many web sites offered as result.

Mary likes stories, music, movies, news.

Web searching is NOT much fun and time intensive...

read the stories

in the journal


RuleTheWeb!™ for Firefox and find a different way to discover interesting links!

This version does NOT include all of the planned features! See what others say!

How it Works

The short RuleTheWeb!™ Tutorial: start >

FIRST install the extension

Simply click on download and let Firefox guide you. You may need to allow our web site to install this addon.

When navigating on some web sites

an avatar appears offering you

discovered links

That's all!

Do even more cool:

set up your

preference rules!

Click on the extension icon and find

"setup your rules"

Combine this with Social Rules

Available soon

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Install now


YES - Write your own rules!

keep them private or

share them with the world!

Learn more about that


      Start using it


Is a Semantic Web and Rule-based application;

Combining semantic annotations with
social rules, web services

and preference algorithms

Using RDFa Lite and RDF;

towards a

unique browsing experience

What do you wait?
Rule the Web!

Discover new content...

obtained from semantic annotations and user preferences.

Using RuleTheWeb!™ is free.
Read more on our terms at Binary Park

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